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Sharing the journey, giving hope.

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Sharing the journey, giving hope.

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Sharing the journey, giving hope.

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Sharing the journey, giving hope.

Sharing the journey, giving hope

Kathy’s Camp for Kids, a non-profit organization, was formed to create a unique community where children of cancer patients can share their journey and meet other kids and adults who know what it’s like to have cancer as a part of their daily lives. When an adult is diagnosed with cancer, the battle begins almost immediately. Knowledge is sought, options are weighed, and a clearly-defined course of action is embarked upon. But, for the children of cancer patients, the initial diagnosis is often followed by an extended period of fear, confusion, unanswered questions, and worry that their parent and even their childhood will somehow be taken from them. Kathy’s Camp for Kids is a place where fear of cancer is replaced with Fun, Friendship, and Encouragement.

Join us for the journey!

Throughout this site, you can learn more about becoming a Kathy’s Camper, volunteering, or supporting our efforts with a donation.



Kathy’s Camp for Kids took a much needed break following the unfortunate passing of Kathy Van Riper, the namesake and founder of Kathy’s Camp for Kids. The organization is also in the midst of a minor administrative restructure, but we anticipate our 2013 calendar will be starting in June 2013, near the start of the summer break for kids.

Finally, the third annual Kathy’s Race will be held on April 13th 2013 at Spring Lake in Santa Rosa. This is a 5k fun run/walk in honor of Kathy Van Riper. All proceeds go to Kathy’s Camp for Kids and to local breast cancer charities. Please click HERE to register for this fun event.

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